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                            Some essential foods for diet

“Diet which tightens your body in complete fitness”

The food which we take are all healthy one ? what do think ? any kind of foods which we ate can be keep your body healthy?…let’s discover most healthy foods which you can take it easily!!..

Millet : > Taking millet is healthy diet , which can able to control over cholesterol, blood pressure , and maintain body as healthy manner.

It is rich in fiber, carbohydrate including with fat soluble contents ..keeps your body fit & easy to digest for digestive track.

You can also taken with including healthy vegetables or some fruits with millet.. one bowel of healthy millet is enough for morning one day diet which keeps you active and fresh at morning time.

remaining while afternoon and evening you can take over normal food which you feel comfortable one.

Grains: > Grain is consider as small seed which it may be over coated or without coated.these grains are used to added in our daily meals like rice,wheat etc., which these are all rich in carbohydrates, and restore high energy level to our body.

The limited amount is enough to take in daily diet. if more intake, the carbohydrates have possible to convert as fat molecule. these carbohydrates enhance your body heat ie., energy.

So, according to how much amount of your work, you have to take equal amount of carbohydrates. ie., if you were doing physical work hard in daily basis, you have to take large amount of carbohydrates in order to maintain your physical energy, body health. so, you may not feel weakness or drowsy.  

The seven nutritious grains are:

> Oats,

 > Barley,

> Corn,

> Brown Rice.

> Rye,

> wheat grain and millets

These seven nutritious grains retain your energy in body and you can also feel active , even if you are skip your meal.. But, morning diet is important for acquire energy for its use through till afternoon it can manage over it… so don’t skip your morning diet at any cause!!..

Grains are easy to cook for 5 to 10 mins (according how much amount will you take) with added salt then you can take with boiled warm milk with it .. or you can take with gravy or curry with some veggies. these, kind of mixture of gravy with rice or grain..(mixture of legumes and pulses) it will gives your fibrous protein , good saturated fat, essential oil for body to maintain your body strong and prevent weakness.

So , these kind of grainy foods can take in afternoon since, it is little bit heavy food to digest more 2 to 4 hours at that time you may feel some sleepy whenever in digestion process occurs. at that time, take some rest during lunch hours without sleeping just close your eyes for,some then, rest your mind from busy work.

“Grains will rains away from drowsiness”..

Dal : .> Especially, dal recipes are all high rich in protein, low fat, so these proteins are needed for body development and for maintaining important organs in healthy.

And for heavy action, body metabolism, muscular action for brainy activities ie., work which make us harder to involve in deeper such a way .. for all , these protein rich foods are really beneficial. these dals can be taken in a morning, afternoon or evening.

Dals, calls up “energetic”

do you know which dal is consider as high protein?

Moong dal is consider as high protein content. 

which it replaces the sterility of body and especially it is more benefit for women which it restores the healthy reproductive organ in order to accommodate pregnancy , and strengthens hip bones, for men increase muscle power and masculinity.

 also, it does not contain high fat content,which is low fat. so, you can added in with your daily diet.


Non-veg items, like.. fish, country chicken (natural one is healthy one) without any mixing of any breeds and genetically hybrid chicken is harmful for humans and creates many side effects. and any natural meat you you like most and keeps healthy can taken in normal limited amount is enough for gaining vitamins, fats, protein for body.

veggies :

Spinaches, carrots, beans , double beans , peas, potato, tomatoes, garlic, onions, brinjals, beetroots, baby onions, potatoes …

etc., are all rich in vitamins, proteins, which is essential for body day to day life..which it should be taken variety of dishes which you favourable most!!…have taken through out all the day in our diet.


Fruits like apple,cherries,blueberry, bananas( mountain bananas, red bananas, small yellowish one) etc., are most healthy , and your favorable fruit in morning diet which directly nourishes your brain, immunity, and reproductive organs, vital organs then, it keeps you all the day active , fresh , when you added with all the day with the meals .

Dry fruits: like, badam,pista ,acroot,walnut,dry grapes are all rich in essential oils,and fats,vitamins which needed for body.. daily 5 to 10 gms of these mixture or either of your choice .. taken is enough for maintaining healthy diet in morning.

Both fruits and nuts can be take with milk added with some honey is enough for morning breakfast, and evening snack time… which gives complete health and immunity which keeps your doctor away!…
“When the food is taken as medicine, there is no need for medicine is taken as food”

Sharing make one’s life colorful!..

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