The important beneficial foods for spiritual life.


          The 5 basic beneficial foods followed in spiritual life. 

The food which taken in spiritual life should be maintained correctly . since , in spiritual life .. when we practice yogam or in deep meditation our body and mind can be not functioned as normal humans.


since, we control over of our body feelings, like lust , anger , hunger , affection , passion and all 5 senses so , by this manner our body and mind will be slowly get transform into a higher level which it totally controllable manner.
In this state, we could overcome with connection between us and world, by not feel any kind of hunger, and by not get any kind of stimulation of feelings , and many miracles could be occurred.( at higher level )
  •  let’s learn about, 6 basic tastes in foods are responsible for encouraging our certain       feelings like anger,lust,sorrow,happiness etc., are:

                                         > sweet  – makes to feel happy and proud,                                                                                         loveliness,kind,laziness,feel comfortness. 

                                         > spicy     – stimulates the anger,distress,aversion,hatred.

                                         > salty    – makes to feel boring ,stressful,some tension                                                                     related to anger.

                                         > sour    – makes to feel active, cheerful,interested for work,                                                            & make sudden feeling of excitement and                                                                          pleasure;thrilling.
                                        > bitter  – makes stimulate some sadness, tolerance, mood out

                                     > umami (having a pleasant taste or smell. : having a spicy or salty quality without                                                                                                      being sweet. : morally good.  )

                                       {savoriness} – which stimulates presence of                                                                                        habit,behavioral change,moody,lust..
Or, if we taken foods which we do not like at all!!..causes major depression and most hatred feelings. Thus,according to taste and our favorite recipe… our body get stimulated by hormone which results to emerges the different types of feelings.


for starting stage in spiritual, to get stronger of mind and body to accommodate the galaxy cosmic energy, some basic foods might help to keep our body healthy. they are…


1. DRY FRUITS & NUTS :   Is essential nutrient for brain. since it stimulates pineal gland and it provides complete essential nutrients which it makes pineal gland to absorb cosmic energy … by this, our spiritual level get improved !…
                 > Ability to concentrate on meditation.
                > Soulful feeling get improved !..

Since, the good food make our mind and body stronger of its capacity to obtain divinity energy.




                      The fruit mixed salad is healthy one .. which it contains sweet, and with warm milk with fruity taste,.. 

                               1. Which it makes feel happy to control over the uncontrollable                                              anger. 

                               2. Makes us cool and calm,

                               3.  And we filled with pleasant joy with our favorable dish!..



                                         By this,with by practicing meditation we can able to control over uncontrollable anger, and we avoiding the chances of problems,fighting,debating with others..etc., 

just we think about need of pleasant peaceful with loneliness for avoiding stress , and unwanted speech,chatting with others.

since, whenever peaceful let filled within ourselves, we won’t need any kind of happiness in this world.


Porridge is made by boiling ground,crushed chopped grains with some salt or made it in different way…

This rice porridge, gives us acceptance, sacrifice and be maintained in neutrality.. .

Similarly, like Indian cereal gravy (Saambar) without any more spices tasted normal and simple!..can also be taken as food …meals,with curry filled with veggies also be taken!..

 And the any food which have normal mixed with tastes is good to take! neither by spicy foods, and fast foods are all creates some problem to body, when we in practicing the meditation,and yoga. AVOID TAKING OF NON-VEG,MEATS & FISHES,EGGS.

Since, these spiritual practices are all try to change our body according to our soul for getting divinity power.

In this case, we feel some abnormal changes in our body… so, it is better to avoid the fast foods and foods with more spicy,sour,salt,fat… which it cause body to prevent consuming of cosmic energy by stimulation of uncontrollable, unwanted body feelings.

4.AVOID UNLIMITED TEA AND COFFEE:                                                  

 Take little amount one cup of caffeine,tea per day for a while…it is enough to drink it! since, it stimulate heat energy more in body so, little one is enough to drink!..spiritual practices induces heat energy more by consuming of cosmic energy and activation of chakras…so be aware of it !… more heat can causes more abnormality pain,stomach related problems and some diseases to our body !

It is advisable to take milk,with some fruits,milkshake …etc which cools your body and feel comfortable one!…

Take plenty of fresh natural raw vegetables,fruits,spinach, fruit juices, are all very helpful for body which take care of your health of both body and mind!! and so, you can able to continue your spiritual journey with by your will power..
And please, be avoid totally taking alcohol,cigarette and cancer causing drinks and foods which reacted to very higher risk level!! 
Please be avoid by taking junk foods often, usually. any time once in a week taking of snacks is good to balance! 
so,please be follow which might be help for your good spiritual life! 🙂
Thank you friends, 
Share for one’s life to be good!


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