How to serve good? Monkfromindia

   Be serve, what you have.


Dear soulmates, greetings to all!

Many of them feels difficult, if some one arrives as guest. For serving, and caring and feed for all, many people feels uncomfortable for their privacy , room sharing and making good food and all.

First, we have to set up our mind that, we serve good and we care good with what we have. Yeah! we have to possess like this mind thought since, no any people doesn’t matter what you possess and what you share to them since, they know about all yours. also, they need just your love and caring , that’s all they need . none any people visits your home for comfort living and good luxuries just they need some help and support and caring. So, when you serve with your love and kind with what you have they accepts it, as god’s bliss. NO ANY PEOPLE HAVE INTENSION TO DISTURB YOU AS A GUEST ROLE. 


They aren’t prime minister, They aren’t bigshot. Even if they are, they also just normal human being like we are. So, there is no need to worry about  what they are .Even if they are rich and bigshots just be serve with normally don’t act you like wealthy in front of them. 

              “Be in your originality !”


some people, having some thoughts, like enacting to be wealthy in front of others, makes them feel proud, that’s not correct. For fake, proud and fame many of middle class families have frame up they themselves as wealthy for that , they obtain many debts from banks unnecessarily. And future, unable to paying debts they fall into in depth of unhappiness … Having a blissful joy with what ever one possess makes an example to others for live peaceful and happy life. 




So, there’s no need to worry about your identity or originality comparison with others… See, originality brings a strong life with confidence. Look the Nature is beautiful with their originality …likewise, in case of not in being wealth, it’s OK!.. Be clean and tidy up around you as well as possible, that itself is enough!.. 

          ” Cleanliness brings godliness “

When you keep clean up your surroundings… That itself makes happy to your good guest which that makes feel good and inspired with your simplicity!

Yeah! That’s good and enough for your guest instead of enacted being wealthy!

The love, care, kind response, tidiness, responsibility, neat kind in service, good habits, ….who ever else, makes one inspired and feel respective on you! 

I didn’t say that changing up your character.. That’s your nature and originality,  the those words are said for to develop your good habit of caring your guest and people who surrounds you.

Since, that itself develops your good ability and you will be shown as example to others.. Even if you are in any other way or in any mindful character ie.,  you bad or good that’s not botherd when you developed your good habits… And, parents relatives have good feel on you. 


So, be serve to others what you have, don’t look whether the guest is good or bad don’t look that! Your duty is to serve good who ever visiting in your home. 

That itself makes bad one into good person who cares and supports you later due to inspired on your way of serving. 

So, with this many problems and misunderstanding are all get solved in between you and your guest who ever is  known to you. 

That’s makes up good future, that’s makes up good abilities and character slowly it develops… Even you aren’t desired you just automatically develops your own good things makes out natural way. 

Be have a good life! 

Thank you all! 


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