How to prefer right diet for children?

The best healthy diet for children

Many of parents have worried about their children having some unhealthy snacks, junk 
foods…always these people think about their child’s nutrition, so they often consult nutritionists, and health adviser and their family doctor…they are all used to say some good foods and all some nutritive health mix, powders, etc.,
But, most parents are all struggle to make eat these nutritive foods which offered by their consultants to their children…so, to avoid struggling, just make simple…to make them eat!..
how can be possible ?….let’s learn more interesting choices from this post!..



Try to create good habit to your children:

1.First, make your children have a habit of following some good habits, which this would be make them practiced to follow your instructions, and their behaviours.
2. Make your child to play outdoor games…and show up a new exiting world , beyond your house and mobiles and TV games…make to learn planting trees, gardening etc.,
3. Let your child know about their family’s lifestyle  spend some time to your child and make them to clear about family situation , income, taught a good lesson and chat with them .
4. Teach your children to practice of physical exercise like, yoga, meditation and about mindfulness..
5. Try to create reading habit and learning skills to your children…since, they can have a chance to understand about their good and bad ones also their eating habitual actions.
You have one doubt, that these are not related to healthy diet…yes, your doubt is right!…But , make you to think yourself, that what these 5 makes…your child?..
Your child, have good habit and know about their self awareness so, this would clearly make them to understanding the concept of their actions and behaviour which these make’s to choose their food.. which is right one? and wrong one?…so, you won’t feel hard about their diet!.. they automatically…show up well in good habitual actions…without diverting in unwanted games and TV . 

as a result, your child can learn their self knowledge about self awareness and they can chose their right one! all of their situation so as parents you can be let free yourself by guiding them! 

provide them right dish!:  

➧ Decrease slowly your habit of buying more snacks to home for your children . once in month is enough limit to maintain good proper healthy body and digestion process.
➧ Introduce new variety natural healthy food to your children!…provide the good healthy food into as new variety dish. make it tasty and add some favourite toppings which your child like the most!. .serve it in limited way!…
➧ provide your children light warm water daily before having breakfast upto half a liter. so it increase their blood circulation and cleanse their stomach … and have a fresh and active mind to learn anything …and provide them some limited breakfast…give them fruits and nuts to have as snacks in their school!…
➧ Milk, egg (not broiler egg) , honey, kinds of spinaches, lettuces , fresh healthy drinks (not Horlicks, boost, Complan and other these related ) milk with added honey is provide good health to your children ! mixed fruit salad, mixed fruit milkshakes and variety of each milkshakes, and cornflakes, natural mix badam and pista also added to fresh cow’s milk gives more natural protein !…
➧ Fibers like, wheat, rice, oats and cherries, cashew nuts and citric fruits ,are all maintains good digestion and excretion..  variety of dals gives whole protein and maintains protein diet to your children and CARDAMOM, BARK, CINNAMON are act as anti bacterial agent which avoid more bacterial growth and increase proper digestion. addition of turmeric with some cumin and anise in cooking which it maintains sugar level and blood pressure…also using Gingley oil regulates heart function and stores as good fat, easy to digested by enzyme!..and maintains smooth , shiny skin!   
➧ AVOID mainly is…decrease of in taking habit of chewing gums and taking unwanted bubble gums, cool drinks soft drinks!…
These are the good choices for your best nutritive food to your children which this hope you can get some ideas for nurturing your good children!…
Have a good day for right choice for your children! 🙂
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