How to earn money while we leading through spiritual life ?


 Some basic tips might help to earn money 

in spiritual life.

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Many of spiritual persons,monks,ascetic life persons who have some doubt about, how do we overcome our basic needs while we travelling in spiritual life… since, for spiritual life we should sacrifice all of our comforts and should be lived for in sake of divinity.

for them, upto my knowledge i can guide you some way by saying easy tips, which you can able to follow …
1. Be a good spiritual writer:
  • Try to show up your good writing skills like author. you can create or write your own article about any spiritual then, you can publish your creativity in magazines,newspaper.
  • if you had a talent of creating comic stories , or comic drawing so you can draw your art then ,publish with your stories.. which this might be attracted to audience.
2. Be a merchandise partner:
  • Create your own website, and join as advertising partner with google, or any other top ranking websites .
  • Then, create your own merchandise on with these sites, can sold your related spiritual products, T-shirts, bag, lockets,etc., also, create your own blog and can post your creativity, sell products etc.,

3. Have your own library:

  • If you’re interested to buy or sold books, you can create some little library, and can sold your books.
  • Also, post your art in chart, create your own magazine, and be own to yourself as publisher which you’d like to publish your books, article, magazine.

4. Sell your products in online:

  • Buy some, spiritual related products like crystals, dollar, lockets, lucky ring, rudratcha maalai, and some popular books like autobiography of yogi, and some spiritual books.
  • If you’were visiting some divine places, like; kaasi, rameshwaram, etc., buy some spiritual photos, lingam, more god statues, scripture etc.,
  • Then, advertise your products on online, sell your products in courier to your customers.
  • Also, you can start your own retail store with your product.
  • Take some pictures, of divinity places which have visited most. and post on your site in Pinterest, pixabay, google earn some money.
  • If, you were good in animation and vector graphics, you can create some god videos which might attracted to audiences and pictures, and link with it by music or lyrical songs, then upload your project on YouTube, google, blog
5. Lecture your divinity stories & experience:
  • If you’re talented in giving good lecture, you can join with some spiritual association or debate conducting community, TV channel … which they are earn popularity of your lecture, with this you can able to earn some money.
  • Or, you can give your own lecture with help of YouTube channel, google can earn money by creating your own videos ,publishing in one of these sites.
  • Also, you can join with some spiritual community can spread some truth of your divinity stories,  about your 

    experience in spirituality, and can give your own lecture to your audience. by this, attraction with by your speech and popularity basis you can earn some money.

6. Earn with your good cooking skill:
  • If you were good at cooking, you can start roadside shop and sell your different recipes.
  • Or, you may start home made pickles, curd, cake, papads, and some currants , recipe dishes, snacks etc., and can start selling on markets,shop,stores.
7. Teach your spiritual practice:
  • You can also, teach your yoga , spiritual good thoughts, rules, dance, meditation, to your interested people who ever may be.
  • By this, you can able to earn money in easy way.

Note: If you are in true spiritual practice, in inter connectivity with god, you are eligible to teach good spiritual about your experience. or else, without any knowledge of your teachings, god will be punishes by returned your deeds as bad deeds which can spoil your life.

sharing can care’s one spiritual people.


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