How Nature’s beauty is enough to give you perfect glow your skin?

Nature’s way makes you perfect

Many of youngsters, teenagers show their intense interest in their beauty, how they look, style which they have more faith on their makeup-kit makes them something special. 

Forsake, their dresses, wearing jewels, some style to wearing cooling glasses ,shoes are all important for them!..hmm… it’s something do so… for adult ones!
for, what we do so?..that’s our habit of nature know?!!…

As, i’m youngster i’m also be in trapped in these beauty… in these same way…but it is very interested to beauty ourselves in these certain ages only i’m right!!?…

This is not our any intention to attraction but just, we should have clear thought about that’s our kind of nature. isn’t right?!!…😎.

Our nature gives perfect glow: 

“our nature gives perfect uniqueness!”

See!… don’t worry about how do we look compare than others… since, even if we’re not similar like others… that’s not our fault!!..that’s our uniqueness which shows special than commonly look like others. so, don’t hesitate yourself about your appearance. since, appearance aren’t decided by ourselves that’s our specialty which given by naturally god.

It doesn’t matter how do we look like… it’s the matter that how much do we improve our skills and get victory in our life by attaining our goal. by this, our specialty of uniqueness will encourage many people to get successful life like you!!.. 

Let’s we consider that our birth is not like common people. it have a big reason to attain to succeed many big goal to taught many people, is… important is skill and success only not our beauty. so, be encourage yourself..for sake of look good and better don’t spoil your nature look.

“cosmetics are made to spoils our nature look”
Are you the person who prefer, using more cosmetics? hmm..if yes, your need to be aware about your using products….

Since, it is important to know about it, for caring health, young & glowing you know about too much of using talc and the power which makes you feel fresh are , made your skin shrink quickly as soon as possible… 

It can tolerate until your youthful age…then, nearly 30 age your skin becomes to shrink due to added chemicals.

So, be please take care of your skin in order to maintain your healthy skin. From now try to reduce your usage of cosmetic products.

The chemicals added in cosmetics which reduce your normal skin tone to unusual one… so it compels and gives stress to your skin to give intense glow for temporary.

After that, loss of radiance of cosmetics, the skin looks like dull, loss of its nature makes some hard , black spots of dead cells appears due to caused by chemicals.

You can also, noticed this…at any time, when you makeup..

“Nature will nurture our beautiness”

Have a try in face pack in your home.. it is really good one to increase your skin tone and beauty naturally.

Use, tomatoes, curd, rice powder, honey, milk paper, turmeric, hibiscus, some herbal leaves of neem, etc., which this makes you feel fresh, not feel any stress like irritation,burning sensation your skin.
The tomatoes, milk, lime are all prevent your dryness of your skin. also, alovera is cheap and best and excellent source for healthy skin.
Neem is acting anti-bacterial agent. so it reduce of any bacterial irritations on your skin. 

Turmeric is act as anti-fungal agent. most of allergy, scratches, damages, and  common fungal infections are all get cured off permanently. and it makes your skin glow.
You can use two days once facial in your home,with using milk products like curd, lime, some sugar/ rice power, milk paper. 

If you have curd, take it some 2-3 spoons of curd, added with half cutted tomato and add some little amount of  rice flour for good scrubbing. then, before applying to your face, wash your face neatly and apply over it fully on your face. you can also apply on your hand, legs this can also, maintain same skin tone level.
then, scrub over skin while applying it… the good scrubbing makes removes all your dead skin cells, black spots, dust.
Leave it for an hour. until feel some dryness, within the hour make your skin some moisture with water.
Massage your face in good manner. since, it stimulates then equalizes the normal blood flow to your all parts of face and nourishes your skin.
after, an hour cleanse your skin with warm water or normal water. without add any soap.
be have a practice this, two days once.. for maintaining good , healthy, young skin.  
You can also, refer more about natural facial pack on online.. which it is more beneficial !…

Eat healthy & stay young:

Eat healthy,protein& iron riched foods, and take more fruits is good one for maintain your youthful skin healthy.

Since, food is also one reason for maintaining skin healthy. so, please avoid of eating unwanted drinks like soda, alcoholic drinks and products, coke,carbonated drinks which decrease your oxygen level in skin; initiates dullness.

Junk food also have part to damage your skin into unhealthy one. it makes soon older your skin and creates, avoid eating junk foods, fast foods; you can take once in a month in order to keep your skin and body healthy.

Physical exercise, yoga, meditation, jogging, walking, breathing exercise, breathing fresh air are play vital role to maintain top level of your mind, body, and your beauty.

According your mind can also beauty differs. so, stress, irritation, worrying,crying,depression makes you dull and your skin so, try to be relaxed and peaceful !.. it is enough to keep you fresh and beauty.

Drink plenty or enough amount of water as much as possible, since it prevents, dryness and maintain metabolism and keeps your skin fresh and nature look.

vegetables, fruits, nuts, milk, honey, herbal leaves of plants, spinaches…are all keeps your skin young, fresh and healthy.
so, stay healthy and have a pleasant peaceful life!..

sharing can initiates one’s beauty!..:)

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