How is your snack fit for health?

Be aware of what you eat.

How well are you aware of about your eating snacks?… Do you ever noticed about it’s nutritive value?..hmm…it’s certainly hot question for hungry one know?.. i’m also in comes under your category…ya! we won’t notice it,what ever it may be just to eat to full fill our tummy!!…😋  

mm… yum !! really taking snacks at evening and break time  is very enjoy to eat!!..

But what we do?..huh!…fat is always try to occupying our stomach know!’s bull shit!!..and it avoid our such favorite snacks from us to maintain our correct body weight, fitness…for this, sake we need to maintain it!!..

Our favorable snacks may be, oily one, or creamy, chocolaty, sweetly, also with coca solids, makes to attract even more tastier… with this, our tongue get addicted to inducing desire for consuming more snacks occasionally… so, on often consuming this kind of snacks.. creates accumulations of fatty acids which recombined to form as fat molecules…looks our stomach fat filled belly, spongy which it spoiled our physical structure…

which this type of snacks called as junk foods!..

How some snacks make our body fit ?

  • According to what type of snack you choose, based on this.. your snack is consider as healthy or junk.Some, snacks like urad dal, moong dal are rich in protein which it do not form as too much of fat…

  • Some snacks, which are all rich in protein, iron vitamins content … can be consider as good healthy snacks.You can take fruits, nuts, and oats, and biscuits rich in wholegrain wheat, and some recipe… also taken as snacks which can able to enrich your body nutritive value.
  • Bread sandwich with some mixed fruit jam , peanut butter, are contain more sugar, which it taken as limited one.. if you roast the bread… you can surely get good taste!!…also, immerse your bread with warm milk with some added sugar…and toast it on pan with some 2 to 4 drops of ghee … surely, you’ll get good taste with good nutrition.
  • You can also eat cutlet which includes with roasted rava, with multigrain atta flour, and some bread scrumps are induce heat energy which all fat get reduced, and induce your activeness … you can also try different kinds of dish with this cutlet.
  • Also, you can take chapati which consists of multigrain with whole wheat fiber. it induces only heat energy….with combination of dal, Bengal gram curry will get a good taste with healthy nutritional snack. you can also, take it as lunch , dinner for maintaining diet.

  • A good, fibrous, protein, and some milky drinks, fresh juices and mixed fruit salad with honey and good combination with milk… are really consider as good snacks so your mind, body are in maintained in calm and relaxed state, your stomach problem get avoided, mental stress will get reduced… before going to bed, one glass of warm milk is really good for nurturing sleepiness… it keeps our brain to put shutdown and induces avoiding mental stress and physical calcium protein.So, if your way is in nature way … your body mind, are all maintained in healthy without any stress and disease.

Drinking water cares your health:

  • Drink plenty of water as much as possible, which it surely, enrich glow your skin, face, avoid dullness,shrink, and regulates good metabolism in body, and keeps your kidney strong and healthy… so, natural glow avoid your make up for face!..
  • Daily morning one liter of water, with some nuts and honey immersed gooseberry… is enough for cleanse your body dirt inside your stomach, liver, kidney and after an hour you can excrete your dirt and you feel fresh, active… around sharply 8 am you can take limited amount breakfast for energy. One day you can drink nearly 3 to 4 liters of water according your wish..but daily and occasionally consuming of more water can also, reduces your hunger, and it induces to take limited diet…so your body and mind feel active, fresh..also you can reduce your releasing off your gas often.

This healthy snacks…enrich your body always maintained with protein, limited fat fiber, vitamins and mineral content.. which enrich your beauty, and avoid some old age shrinks, glowing fresh and beauty skin, maintain your normal physical structure, also doing some exercises and yoga helps you maintain body and mind .. then, it prevents old age and maintain youngness as much as possible.

Have a healthy life enriched with happiness…

sharing makes caring!… 😉


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