How does mind get attracted?

Attraction of mind

Dear soulmates, greetings to all !

Let’s see how does mind get attracted ,…

We already seen before that by seeing and hearing are all saved as thoughts in our memorable mind .

if you speak a few words that also get noted into your mind! the good one is, to avoid unnecessary speech chats, and seeing hearing due to because it causes many confusions, and make many we could not able to concentrate on particular thing.

Come on..let’s clarify about attractive mind!…

Further, if we introduce a toy to a child, the child get understood that what it is…and that understanding get’s continued at elder stage practiced to a have a habit of understanding all the things . 

That is,.. what we understand, realized and learned from others would make us to enacted like others….like taste of foods, hunger,sorrow, laziness,sleepy, desire, and colors of attractions, cry, smile, laughing, comfortness, likable, unlikable and feelings are all get learned and realized ..with this experiences are all ruling us till our lifetime…

For example,

If our parents, introduces a toy with happily and explains how its work in joy…which they makes us joy…this we practiced learned in mind, after we growned up if we see or get any toy we reacted to happiness with joyful feelings…

Or, if our parent introducing the same toy and reveals that it was bad one and hatred… we do it same at our future also…isn’t right? after whenever we see that toy we do not afford for it…so like this way our mind get works by continues to  seeing a same kind of reactions by seeing or by hearing. like a copy cat!

From this basis, after we growned up based on our relation  of friends , or elders, and good and bad ones….our habitual actions are get created  and practices in our mind and grown up..
Whether it as good or bad , are all get attracted to us any one of these on based upon our favourable and unfavourable.. then, we have learned to distinguish in all the things which comes to us.. then, it makes us to think, whether it is good or bad or it gives good comfort or not like these kind of comparable self knowledge attained to us..
Based upon this one who chooses a good way he or she have a confidence to face any thing for doing goodness…. or one who choose a bad way of great comfortness of luxury, desire he or she undergoes into self destruction..

So, this is the basic law of mind attraction in next level it turned into a characters … let’s see it in next session.

If you have any questions and doubts related to mind please ask in comment section.

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