How do we prefer natural health drink for children?

The best natural drinks for children

In these, modern days the appearing of new generation are all willing to prefer of tasty and yummy foods and drinks in their diet. but they don’t afford about their side effects.

as parents,.. we should take fore step in accordance with care of our children! now lets see what are all good health mixes and it’s preparation…

1. MILK:

The pure cow’s milk is best drink for children.. and it contains thick fat layer which contain abundant vitamins and nutrition for nurturing brain , development of bones, and regulation of calcium and its metabolism.

gradually decrease the usage of company productive milk. if any of the company is good and affordable you can choose this for your children.
And, for young babies up to 5 years, the mothers have to provide milk is very much effective, so their children might not get affect easily with common cold and fever their immune system is very much strong and their development of whole physic is grown healthy.

The pure natural honey mixed milk is very much strengthen your children which it nourishes immune system, bone formation and strengthening of bones.. blood  purification and increases circulatory system. 

Curd is good beneficiary diet. so provide curd for maintain good digestion and nurturing intestines.

2. Hot water/Lukewarm water:

In fresh morning provide your children with normal warm or hot water.. it is best therapy which it decreases the chance of fever and common cold to your children.

Mix natural ingredients like honey, and natural health tea powder…which it cleanse stomach and purify blood, boost immunity , and increase blood circulation .

3. Fruit mixed milkshakes :

You can provide your children with fruit milkshakes with your own home made preparation do not buy in markets.. since they may added some additives and chemicals for prevent degradation. so it may harm your child’s stomach.

Also, use the country wheel for sweetness. since, the sugars are all cleansed with bromine, and chlorine or bromide so it can harm side effects in future.

so it is better to use the natural sweetening agent like natural country wheel, and mountain honey( rich in iron ) and palm jaggery and palm sugar are all rich in vitamins and minerals with it totally enhances your child’s growth in healthy and it strengthens the bones and increase iron in blood. 

4. Fruit juices:

The natural fruit juice is good and excellent source for vitamins and minerals which it enhances your body fertility and increase blood level and also it avoid sterility and weakness to your children. also it always keeps your children active and healthy. 

Also, it increases brain’s ability so your child can be increase their interest in all learning skills, academics and researches. 

these fruit juice added with natural sugar which mentioned above topic 2nd parah which gives double multiple nutrition to your children. 

5. Natural health mix:

With the 9 fresh grains, we can prepare health mix by buy these 9 fresh grains  in  1/2 kg and 1/4 kg in each upto your known level. then, rinse it and dried under sunlight for 3 days and before grind add some 3 to 5 cardamom seeds with this grains and grind in separate clean grinder. grind as power then, chilled under normal room temperature, now it is ready as healthy mix.

for usage : In with 1 litre of boiling water add some powder two full tablespoons ( two members ) and mix continuously until it becomes thick let them boil for 2 mins and add some natural sweet jaggery and mix over it . then, finally pour some milk according your wish. this drink can also drink by adults for their lacking nutrition and babies in small amount and mainly for children.
drink this mix in before your breakfast and after half an hour you can take your breakfast. it can also drink it in break time and evening drink.
So, these are the 5 best drinks which you can offer to your children which they can enjoy your preparation and also get full nutritive benefits.
Have a great day with your best choice!!..

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