Guided Meditation for students

Meditation for students

Meditation for Students

Hello, soulmates! Many of them asking about can a students or children able to do meditation? and what, how etc., come on let’s go through in this blog.

Can students do meditation?

Yes! not only students, men and women from 5 years of child to senior citizen all can do meditation. Meditation practice from childhood can improve self awareness, knowledge, will power.

Instead, of spending more time for gaming and always on TV , social medias etc., it can be used with limited time is good thing apart from this, students can spend their free time on play with friends, and spend time with their family members and visiting some places like, natural scenery, picnic, park, or any exhibition or any natural forests

visiting some popular places which looks colourful can attract students; also which, students can able to get chance for understanding the new place , ability to think, and they express their own nature of enjoying that places , visiting animals, birds which these can be improves their social knowledge.

also, they get fun, enjoying foods, rides, which these are all relives them from their stressful mind.

The stress free mind, can able to observe, learn, improves good thinking whenever it includes with meditational practice can withstand or sustain their ability of mind in their control. So, the children couldn’t feel burden or get disappointed or dull suddenly.

From their childhood practice seems, they can have a more time to learn completely about their mindfulness and control their emotions, about how to use their subconscious mind and increasing mind power, understanding their mind thoughts , psychology and social understanding & self improvement etc..,

“Learn before you leap!

your soulmate.

How the students/children can meditate in sincere manner?

We’re the parents or guardian take it responsible:

Parent’s should first explain to your children about what is meditation and create awareness about meditation. Try it your best!

We have to learn first what it is about meditation?…

First, let we try it on ourselves in meditation and its practice, then we can explain to our children. Since, our real-life experience can gives us a tip to make our children understand in easier way.

Learn, practice with your child!:

When you go for practice let your child be with you, Since they can watch how you do, how you practice in sincere manner, so they can learn it practically.

Let your child practice along with you. guide your child properly let we create interest and attract about practicing meditation as much as possible.

Motivate your child:

Don’t let children to be bored on doing meditational practice on daily basis, until they get habitual practice of doing meditation , we have put some effort to make them practice daily early morning , for this we can motivate them daily.

Encourage them daily to do practice, rather don’t be stress. like school prayer, let we make them do this daily morning as habitual practice.

Let we make fun, or switch on to meditational music, or some boost up songs, or bed-time telling about meditational stories, etc., what are all the things which make our children attract to make them meditate, let we try this; which this can make our child motivate to clear understandable, and makes habitual practice.

Observe your children:

Observe and track your child’s mind what they’ve get results from meditation. let we move friendly inorder to express their thoughts to us.

Including with meditation we can also teach some good habits and behavior of how to be respect, how to be react, and how to face problematic situations, how to learn estimate the people’s mind, like we teach about the world how the people are and about religion, what and how is caste which these social knowledge gives your child as personal talent, improves personality.

The addition of meditational practice with social learning gives brain’s ability includes with social knowledge. Instead of academic learning the meditational skills and social knowledge gives more real-life experience induces to learn improves more knowledge.

“Not only in womb, until their Adult stage we need to take care our children”!

As a friendly parent.

Academic learning is just for knowledge about man’s creations and god’s creations. But, real-life experience automatically gives both. It is good for learning with good hope, instead of stressing out.

Be close to your child. Let we try to understand their mind thoughts, and their positive, negative, skills, character.

In Teenage, let our child on their way freely, after we guide them. But, we need to watch them carefully, without their presence of knowledge Since, so that we can help them immediately in any complication.

Child caring gives a credit to all parents:

A good parent need attention on their child:

How the way we develop our children, how the way we behaved and, how the way we done in pregnancy all such are embedded in our child’s DNA.

Only character, behavior may differ but all such actions comes together by child’s parents and forefathers. So, when we in good manner, in good way our child is also be in that way.

Since, in our day to day life our genes of DNA randomly get altering without our knowledge. This change happens according to our changes in thoughts improving skills, knowledge or any development in sports or in improving new habits, whether is bad or good which this all newly get inherited into our genes.

“Let we do good for our future generation”!

– A voice of parent.

Which this results automatically transferred to our child’s DNA which this responsible for our child’s behavior and character, actions . So, when we improve our good character and habits, meditation this reflects in our child.

Whenever our child is good in behaving to others and good in his or her personal habits, and character.. as a parent we’ve won in developing our child. It is a real life process which need our dedication in child’s care.

“A good name, and fame of our child is our credit and pride”!.

– By parent.

Hope you get good things from this blog, Stay safe, and be motive!:)

Thank you all! 😉

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