Be good hope for serve food ↝ serve your dish with good mind.

How to serve food in good manner?

We see many differences in restaurants, hotels and even in our house in method of serving food. In most of times we would not get satisfied with their service!! something will intimate to knowing lacking of our satisfy after we taken meal.. so, why do we feel like unusual one? … let’s discuss about it!..

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when we in happy mood in with hunger we can feel complete satisfaction after a good meal; if we are in hatred or distressed we won’t take food even if we are in hunger; or we won’t feel satisfaction after eating food. 

Good serve makes good mind :

So, by serving your food in with good mind thought ie., having a thought of person who tastes your food to be always in happy mood ; ” i wish the person who tastes my food to be in peaceful and be happy and joyful forever”!..have these words run on your mind with wholeheartedly!.. this positive mind thought make to evolve your good aura around your body which this makes good vibration on that person to make him good and happy!

even if that person already in distressed or hatred or sad… this kindful serving of your food with good thought make to change him happy and joyful!..

And when he tastes your food, he just forgetting about all of his sadness,worrying and he enjoys each every bite of your food!!…Hungry makes one to increase their sadness and depression, anger.. so, with by your good serve turns them into happy and joyful!..

Keep your personal feelings to yourself!..:

  Don’t express your personal feelings when you serve for others, even if you are sad, anger or depressed just leave it off or divert it!… since, this can cause both of you and the person.

Just take concern in sake of other people who are not well known about you! just think what’s about their mistake of your anger or sorrow ? just they are innocent people like you!..know?.. isn’t it?…

So, let your mind free and relax yourself, take a deep breath and relax!, then start to enjoy your cook and serve it in happy mood!..this would make both of you filled with happy and joy!

 Try to chat with people in happy mind who tastes your food it maybe your family members or customer…who ever may be… try to chat and bond with them in happy mood.. this makes them happy and the person can let free you from your stressful mind!

Don’t disturb your people when they enjoys your dish!!…let them enjoy your food in pleasant happiness!!..when you serve, encourage or induce their joy with by your smile filled with happy and positive words then, leave them to taste and enjoy your food! 

If they ask you to serve again be happy to serve!.. don’t get boredom or hatred..that’s too bad one!!.. if your favorable person asked you to feed how will you act? you just interested to make them happy and give complete satisfaction when they eat your food isn’t right?..or not?..likewise,similarly you have to treat your people in this similar manner..any people who ever may be… he or she is in good or wrong let it be!!..

 First, fulfill their hungry with your happy mind in with what you serve! that itself will change your mind thought also their mind into kinded and filled with joy and happiness.

If they are your enemy, with by your kind service will change them to realize their mistakes what they have done for you!…

Best decoration your creation, which induces to surprise and joy!:

Decorate your dish before you serve, with fruits and nuts or by know what and which one is good to attract people!…make it in perfect and neat! don’t make too much decoration which it make people bore and hatred one!…

Your decoration make people to feel surprise and happy like a birthday cake!! can notice it’s decoration which makes you happy and surprise.

Don’t take too much of time to decorate it! since, it may cooled your dish which might be hatred one!, be note that simple and neatness is good and best decoration which consider to be ever best one!…

Be serve your dish with good tolerable heat!..all cooking people might know what kind of food is needed to be serve! right!…i’m just saying some tips which might be useful for your wellness!…
Be hope, these useful tips will improve your good serve in better way in day by day!!..

Be best, and filled with joy in your service!! have your life with fulfilled with happiness and good blossoms with blessing of your god!!…

Sharing makes one’s serve good! 🙂


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