10 Basic cooking tips helps you feel better way

           10 cooking tips makes you feel good

Have you ever feel bored in cooking ? (or) having some stress while you cook? many of people might feel very hatred of what kind of dish to prepare for morning , lunch, afternoon, evening, night!! oh.. makes very bored for every women know? … lets we made it in easier way!!..

At first, many of people used to get gathering many of such things on their cooking bench for ready to cook, but it makes us very distress and hatred, to see one of these nasty things,!! then, we have lost of interest in cooking!

So, first choose your right recipe what you have decided to cook! then, select each needed one for recipe, be washed and arrange your bench in neat for clear reference! by this , you can able to cook with your own interest and your mind feel happy!

Start your day with fresh relaxing music! this will helps you to keep in mind relax, happy and encourage your cooking ability

Enjoy your cooking job! for this, you have to develop your good cooking skills, by..


Try variety of easy and simple recipe, like bread sandwich, milkshake, salad, juice , cornflakes, fruits with honey filled milk, etc.,.. like these, are simple one can provide as morning healthy breakfast! this will make you happy for providing simple tasty one for your family.

After cooking keep your kitchen clean, neatly which this cleanliness make us to interest next time when we cook!

“Cleanliness makes godliness”

Arrange your kitchen table , vegetables ,and utensils , placed neatly! and keep your refrigerator clean and fresh at weekly once! this will avoid some foully smell. also, this makes others to feel happy and tells about your cleanliness proudly which makes you feel happy one !

Develop your interest when you cook . since a good thought of cooking makes one good health! since our aura is energy filled with based upon thoughts. so be have a good thought when you cook. this will make good aura which it filled in your recipe and the person who tastes your recipe feel some happy and good healthy one ! this is not fake one ! this is proved by many of our scientists which these aura is responsible for all situation and made miracles seen in each one’s life!

“A good mind cooks, books your good health!”

By same, serve your dish with wholeheartedly ! , your love is shown through by your serving .. so, keep your love and good thought while you serve! this can make one’s life better.. by your good aura. when you serve have a thought that the person may have a good life! surely, he or she can make their life colorful! similarly, while you cook this love filled good thoughts, makes your dish blissful and tasty !

Don’t waste your lefted food at any cause! try to make some new dish with it! this can develop your cooking ability and skills and some ideas about different recipes!..

Then, if you add more sour … don’t worry ! TRY TO ALTER IT!! add some spices in order to decrease the amount of sour, or you can added some sugar or some sweet jaggerey over it.

if you add more spices, you can added some sour or put some veggies, like goose, beetroot, cucumber etc., also,like some watery veggies., which this will absorbs the maximum amount of masala’s and spices ,and more amount of saltiness,

if more saltiness, you can add some sour into it, or some veggies,
or you can filter amount of water then added some fresh water into it, which this will makes your limited amount of sour, spices, and salt.
Addition of paneer cakes will balances the sour, sweet, salt, masala, spices and makes your dish tasty!..

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